26 March 2011

Nordiska Trädgårdar

Went to the garden show at Stockholmsmässan the other day. This was the result:

Three chili plants: Pimenta Barra-Do Ribeiro (C. Baccatum), Inca Red Drop (C. Baccatum) & Jalapeño (C. Annuum)
Four different potatoes for the plot: Cherie, Juliette, Amandine & Marine
A book about gardening
Mint cuttings
And a bunch of seeds


08 March 2011

The Chilli Factory

These guys from Australia lets us follow the preparations and set up of their big chili plantation. They also got a bunch of recipe vids. Check it out.


01 March 2011

Balcony Summer 2010

Some pictures from the balcony last year. Looking forward to this summer. Also Happy Birthday Nova! <3