25 February 2011

Germinating Hot Lemon

Seven of the Hot Lemon seeds have germinated, but none of the others so far. Hot Lemon is really reliable.

Say hello to our new friends:

21 February 2011

Informative video

Nice and informative video on peppers with instructions on how to cross pollinate.

19 February 2011

Chiliflowers are beautiful

I realized I had some nice chili flower pictures from 2010.

Photos, in order of appearance:
NorteƱo Capsicum Baccatum
Pequin Capsicum Annuum
Romanian Capsicum Annuum
Czechoslovakian Black Capsicum Annuum

18 February 2011

Three little pots

My mum set three chili varieties for me as a surprise when I got back from vacation. She asked me to guess which she had planted and I guessed all three correctly. Romanian Chili, Hot Lemon and Czechoslovakian Black. I think we know each other quite well! <3