10 October 2010

Het Höst på Bergianska

Yesterday me and my mum went to the chili exhibition at Bergianska trädgården. It was overwhelming with the 100+ plants. So pretty! And the pubescens plants were huge (see pic below)

We also listened to Dr Alan Sabirsh talk about chili on a molecular level, how capsaicin triggers the nerves in a way we interpret as pain. "Chili is not a taste, it's pain. So, you're all masochists" to quote Dr Sabirsh. New to me was the fact that the nerves actually "flee" from the chili and that's what causes the higher resistant to hot food. It can take up to 4 weeks for the nerves to actually make their way back completely.

We also got to taste pure capsaicin in alcohol solution. The samples where from nothing to 10 x hotter that the police pepper spray. Yes, it burned, but most of us took it surprisingly well. My mum was the first one to taste it. She's hardcore. :)


  1. The Bhut Jolikia your mother "borrowed" from there was surprisingly mild, even though it messed up her finger pretty bad.

  2. Congratulations for the great experience and congratulations to your mom.

  3. Kul,min habaneroplanta:) Vet inte om vi han träffas där. Men det har varit superkul med att träffa så många chiliintresserade på utställningen!

    Tack för din fina blogg!