27 May 2010

Liberty Leaves

Look at the size of these leaves! I took a picture so you can see the Pequin and Czeckoslovakian Black in the background for comparison. Also, they are hairy alongside the edges of the leave stem but not otherwise. This variety is more unlike any other I ever planted. It's like an adventure, I wonder how big it will get. The seeds are from a pod picked on Bali, I named the variety "Liberty" after the wreck diving site nearby.

26 May 2010

Jalapeño Baguette

(2 servings)
  • Baguette
  • 1 jalapeño
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Mild cheese
  • Butter
  • Chive
Fry the fine chopped garlic in butter on low heat for one minute. Slice the bread in two pieces with size of your choosing. Prepare it with the garlic butter, rings of jalapeño and cover with cheese on top. Put in oven for five minutes on 150 degrees C. Garnish with chive. Serve immediately. As side dish or snacks.

25 May 2010

Ring of Fire?

I bought this plant at Trädgardshuset and it didn't say what kind it was. Now, it looks like a Ring of Fire to me, what do you think?

16 May 2010

15 May 2010

Update on the crazy Hot Lemon

It won't stop growing, mum's window is really a jungle and the craziest one have started to climb the ceiling! The poor thing couldn't hold its branches up itself when we took it out to test some sun. It will probably end up against the wall outside as well so it won't break under it's own weight.

09 May 2010

First pods

There are pods on my overwintered Hot Lemon (C. baccatum) and unknown (the purple one). Also on this years Romanian Chili (C. annuum), see last picture. Each one has a style of its own, it's nice with the variety.

07 May 2010


Capsicum baccatum

Photo: ez, Omnicolor 2005

With pods ripening from white, through yellow, orange and purple to red, this is a beautiful plant. Small dark leaves and middle size plant. It's not very tasty but has a useful heat for anything that doesn't need the extra flavour. I keep growing this because of it's beauty, simplicity and rich produce.

03 May 2010

Mum's crazy Hot Lemon

This crazy plant outgrew all of its friends in a rush! My mum got an ideal window for growing with a lot of heat from the radiator below. This means we can have Hot Lemon (C. baccatum) premiere earlier than expected this year! I hope I am invited ;)