27 March 2010

First flowers!

My overwintered Hot Lemon (C. baccatum) is doing well and has quite a few buds. One of them opened up yesterday. The purple flower below is from a small unknown chili that was gifted to me as a plant last year. The pods were small red, pointed with medium heat. Anyone know what it might be?


  1. You are really early with your plants and they look great. Do you have any suggestion to reach early blomming?

  2. Both flowers are on overwintered plants, so that's why they are so early. I just cut the plants down during the winter and basically leave them alone. It's nice to have both new plants and overwintered ones with beautiful flowers to cheer you up.

  3. I have overwintered one early jalapeno. But maybe my cut down was to drastic. After winter there were no old leaves left but now i see a lot of new green. I hope the flowers will follow soon.

  4. Hi Elin, nice pics.
    I had one leaf briefly on an overwintered Jalapeno, but it turned cold again and it decided not to bother. It's now compost!
    Let me know your technique, it clearly works :D
    The Hot Lemons are about 150mm high now, I will post a pic soon.

  5. Very nice blog, Ez. Will read it through thoroughly. I really like the picture of the purple flower. An excellent image.