03 February 2010

I'm dissapointed

The North Bali chili seeds had two seeds germinating and looking strong, but now they are just mushy and sad looking. Same goes for the Peruvian Purple but that one might still make it. Have I kept them too moist?

Pictures of them a couple of days ago and now.


  1. Looking very good. You have some great pictures of your germination. I linked to you from my blog
    @ http://pepperfreak.wordpress.com

    I look forward to following your progress...

    P.s. Not all your posts am I able to comment on, did you do that on purpose?

  2. Thanks for the feedback. :) Yes, I did that on purpose. Only when I ask a question or so I put the commenting on. I like your blog, checked it out before and you take great pictures! Thanks for linking to me.