17 March 2010

Your favourite chili variety

Which is your favourite chili pepper, and why?


  1. SuperChilli F1 for easy growing.
    Jalapeno for flavour
    Birds Eye for heat and flavour.

  2. Last year my favourite was an early jalapeno with perfect flavour and heat.
    This year I'm testing some other jalapneo varities

  3. I haven't tried very many, but hot lemon is very nice. I'm also quite partial to habanero, but that might just be some macho thing about liking food slightly too hot to enjoy.

  4. Seven Pod Jonah. Prolific plant, beautiful pods. Very hot, but with a complex flavor profile.

  5. Blondie, C. Baccatum. I obtained seeds of this variety from Patrik last year. The variety is very prolific and the pods are crisp and delicious. Unfortunately I lost it - all the seeds I preserved from the last year did not germinate. :(

    And so now I am looking for them again.

  6. I think my favourite chili is the "chile piquin", because of its colors.
    You can see more information on my "chili"-web:
    (It´s in spanish)
    Nice photos in your website!