17 January 2010

Planting first seeds!

I keep my seeds in coffee filters in the fridge. I have some saved up from different years.

These pots are just too much fun. I'm going for three to four seeds each.

I'm planting more than last year since me and Markus might move into a bigger apartment soon. There will be more room for plants there than in my small one window apartment.

This is the setup, I'm hoping they'll keep warm by the radiator. The weird things in the pots are just so I remember which is which.

  1. Hot Lemon, capsicum baccatum
  2. Czechoslovakian Black, capsicum annuum
  3. Peruvian Purple, capsicum frutescens
  4. Romanian Chili, capsicum annuum
  5. Red chili from north Bali, unknown species. I'm excited about this one. My guess is that it's an annuum.