02 February 2010


The best drink in the world!

It seems it’s not the most common drink amongst adults, but not only does it taste good, it’s also the best drink to hot food!

When I order milk at restaurants I usually get an odd glance, when I order in Indian restaurants they right out laugh at me. I don’t mind and I’m used to it. Although, my stubborness ever so often makes me end up with a glass of old lukewarm milk that they keep for when they serve coffee. In a more fancy restaurant I will get a glass of milk with ice cubes and a straw. Ok I get it, only kids order milk… but don’t mess upp my milk with ice cubes and seriously, I’m not going to blow bubbles.

At home it’s always been the most normal thing in the world. Everyone in my family drinks milk, so the fact that most people don’t is still something that haven’t totally settled in.

Now to why milk is the best way to finish a hot meal. The casein in milk have a detergent effect on capsaicin. This is what makes it so soothing.

Nothing beats a simple glass of cold milk.